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A Maori Perspective

Lundy Truth
Published by By M in Visitor Comment · 1 July 2001
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Dear Mark,

I for one do not believe you capable of murdering your own daughter or wife.

All though you don't know me I did see you going to and fro in Tyndall St while I was visiting my parents.

I believe that the police evidence was tampered with during the time they took your clothing and supposedly found blood samples on your shirt, and the time they stored evidence at P.N station.

I have taken the road you supposedly drove on in rush hour and believe me your car must have had extra turbo to be able to not only get to Palmerston North and back to Wellington in such a short period of time, but I also realised that to pass traffic going both ways sometimes bumper to bumper your car was also capable of making its self very minute to be able to get through two cars without as much as a scratch.

People do things during grief that others believe are not the norm. During my own mother's death 6yrs ago I witnessed my family grieving in various ways and at times I discovered cans of beer and cigarettes beside her grave. To these family members it was a way of denying that our mother had passed on, and a way of releasing their anger, hurt, frustrations and sorrows.

Media coverage of your placing wine on your loved ones grave only enforces my belief that you are innocent. Only you can know the true force of your loss and only you know how YOU must deal with it whether it is the norm for society or not.

If you were Maori I wonder if this bit of police evidence would have been made part to look as if you were unstable and capable of this hideous crime. I think not. As a Maori, I know that what you did is the norm to some in my culture, so why not the norm for you.

I pray that the TRUTH will come out one day and you can look our justice system in the eye and say 'AGAIN YOU HAVE BOTCHED UP'.

Take care and God bless,


Comment from the FACTUAL committee

Thank you for your kind words, they will be passed on to Mark.

We prefer to think that any cross contamination was not deliberate, but acknowledge that many people may have this opinion

Again thank you for your submission.



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