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Cellphone and Sex

Lundy Truth
Published by C.R. of Auckland in Visitor Comment · 23 June 2007
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I don't have further information on the issues so far listed, although I agree they alone raise severe doubts on the conviction.

The mobile phone records are an important issue as Mark Lundy would not have known that the cellphone towers are recorded on all digital phones. If the police had record of him travelling as alleged, they would certainly have produced this information in court as it would be damning. They didn't, so either Mark Lundy didn't travel far from Petone that night or he carefully left his cellphone back at his motel to avoid being tracked.

Vodaphone and Telecom routinely give this tracking information to the police under warrant but are extremely reluctant to admit to the software as it is a clear breach of the Privacy Act. Originally it was designed to aid the recovery of stolen phones and can now pin point where a phone is with the modern GPS equipped models, but they forgot about the cursed Privacy Act when they introduced the technology and the last thing they want is this out in the public arena.

The rest of the areas of doubt are well covered except for the fact that Mark Lundy had successful sex with a prostitute late at night. The police allege this was to create an alibi (as well as paint a picture of an immoral unfaithful husband), but I believe it does the exact opposite. Mark was unaccustomed to the site of blood, let alone the horrendous death scene he would have clearly implanted in his mind if he had bludgeoned his wife and daughter to death as alleged.

Sex is hugely psychological and I would submit that any practising psychologist would attest that the chances of Mark to be able to function sexually with these graphics fresh in his mind would be extremely low or non existent. The majority of people unaccustomed to blood etc but suddenly exposed to carnage of any kind readily go into a degree of shock, some so severe that it can become life threatening.

Mark Lundy was not a surgeon, fireman, slaughterhouse employee or even a farmer familiar with home kills of sheep etc. The sight of blood spraying the walls from anyone, let alone his own beloved daughter, would be sufficient to cause severe sexual dysfunction for some period of time.

The prostitute gave evidence that Mark successfully completed the sex act. This is despite him also being affected by alcohol and not in 'prime' physical condition. It appears to me that this sex event is a powerful piece of evidence for the defence, rather than the other way around.

Good Luck

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