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Published by FACTUAL in Statement · 27 February 2015
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The FACTUAL team would like to thank all our supporters for their kind comments. We acknowledge the thirst for more information about the many alterations to the Crown case.
Regrettably however we are under very strict instruction from the court not to engage in any media activity, hence the complete lack of updates on this site for a number of years, and in particular since the Privy Council quashed the convictions.

Recommended Reading - A reporter for is at the High Court in Wellington and is updating news from the courtroom throughout the day. You can read his updates here

FACTUAL are reading these updates with interest about the Crown Case on a regular basis and note with concern the many alterations from the original case.
We find the Stuff updates to be a reasonable summation of events, albeit very brief, and certainly more appropriate than other brief media commentaries which are often more sensational.
We look forward to the Defence case being heard in rebuttal.
Ultimately though this case is about finding Mark Lundy guilty or not guilty based on reasonable doubt. It does not seek to find the truth as FACTUAL would hope.

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