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Guilty or Innocent

Lundy Truth
Published by Frank K in Visitor Comment · 23 March 2004
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For what its worth I believe Mark Lundy is a cold calculated killer who got a fair trial. He brutally murdered his wife and child.

Your website simplifies what took two months of careful examination of  the evidence, scrutiny of witnesses and guidance by a learned judge.

In my opinion he is guilty as sin and deserves to spend a long time in prison.

To give some balance to your website please display this.
Many of my friends who have discussed the case believe the same as I do.

Frank K

Response from FACTUAL committee:

Thank you, Frank, for taking the time to view our website and giving your opinion.
We are happy to publish it, but with this response.

The website has been deliberately kept simple, easy to use, and is still a work in progress. The background work done by our committee members has been conducted over a 21 month period, involving detailed examination of all the trial documents and other information pertaining to the case and the police investigation. Scrutiny of the police investigation has already revealed many oversights, anomalies, omissions, mishandling of evidence, and even serious areas of non-disclosure.

We have examined in excess of 10,000 pages of trial transcripts, disclosures and statements including those not presented at the trial, and therefore not seen by the jury.

The work we have done has cost all of us considerable time and money, and I can assure you that we would not be involved if there was not grave doubt as to the safety of the verdict.

We are very interested in your opinion, and how you came to it.
Is it based on media coverage alone?
Do you or your friends have any factual information that you could share with us?
Can you help us clarify any of the areas of doubt?
If so, please contact us again

Note: We are disappointed that Frank K has not contacted us again, as at 21 May 2004

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