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Jailing the Innocent

Lundy Truth
Published by L.N. of Wellington in Supporter comment · 23 March 2003
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Myself and my two sons (20s) believe that Mark Lundy is innocent and that an intruder murdered his wife and child.

Jailing innocent people has become the norm and it is incredibly frightening........

L.N. of Wellington

Comment from FACTUAL Committee

Thank you for your brief, but very relevant comment.

We feel the same way, in that the justice system we have in our country is able to jail a person for life on circumstantial evidence, and that the system is weighted heavily in favour of the police prosecution in many ways.

An even bigger concern is just how difficult it is to rectify the injustice done when an innocent person is jailed.

These aspects of our justice system are very competently examined in the following two books by leading New Zealand lawyers. They should be available at most bookshops and public libraries.

"A Passion for Justice" by Peter Williams Q.C., ISBN 0 908704 63 1


"Justice without Fear or Favour", by Kevin Ryan, ISBN 1 86958 573 9

We suggest that visitors to our site obtain a copy of these books for an insight into the weaknesses in the New Zealand justice system.



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