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Let us hear Mark's side of the story

Lundy Truth
Published by S.S. of Palmerston North in Visitor Comment · 1 October 2005
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It's very hard to make up your own mind about such a terrible thing that has happened.

The press, TV definitely don't make this easy, then there's the rumours of this and that, which seem to explode at every corner.

So, my suggestion is that, how about we hear Mark's side of the story in his own words?

Maybe it will open up old wounds for some, but he should have the chance to explain.

S.S. Palmerston North

Comment from the FACTUAL committee

Thank you for your interest and suggestion.

Mark has written a statement for publication on this website, and it was received from him on 8th April 2004.

For the covering note in his own handwriting click here

For the statement from Mark click here

This statement was written by Mark in response to the request above.

To contact us click here

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