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Mark didn't do this

Lundy Truth
Published by R.D. of Palmerston North in Supporter comment · 6 September 2004
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Keep it up guys.

I don't know Mark but it was obvious from the start Mark didn't do this, but he never had a chance.

There are a lot of stupid people in New Zealand who will believe anything the cops say. The cops didn't have a clue who did this crime and unfortunately for Mark he was the easiest target.

Isn't amazing how when a case is very circumstantial, they (the cops) always produce the 'crucial evidence' - brain tissue in Mark's case and three strands of Olivia Hope's hair in Scott Watson's case after they took a sample of hair from Olivia's hair locket in her room.

For what it is worth, I also think it was some psyched - out druggies as suggested by one of your writers.

So keep it up guys

R.D. of Palmerston North

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