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Meticulous or Ridiculous?

Lundy Truth
Published by By G.L. of Auckland in Visitor Comment · 23 August 2012
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I am an ordinary citizen, completely unknown to the Lundy family. I have grave doubts as to the guilt of Mark Lundy. The law of our land says that a person must be found guilty "beyond reasonable doubt". I do not think that happened in this case.

The following is written from the police perspective that Mark Lundy did the crime, and that his planning was, in their words, "meticulous". Also, one assumes any murderer with such meticulous planning is certainly not planning to get caught, which means as a minimum, not being seen. I find the correct word for this case as not meticulous, but somewhere between ridiculous and ludicrous.

Base facts:

The available time frame for Mark Lundy was 2 hours 58 minutes, between 5:30pm and 8:28pm

1. Mark chooses to leave Petone in the rush-hour with a. maximum possibility of being delayed in traffic. Smart?

2. Maximum cars on the road means more people likely to see him. Clever?

3. To avoid being noticed, Mark has to drive at an average speed of 100km/hour between Petone and Palmerston North. If one person sees him, one speed camera cops him, he's had it. Good thinking?......Did even ONE person see him? No.

4. He has to drive through industrial and suburban Palmerston North, a long 50km zone, keeping up his average speed of 100km/hr.

5. He parks his car

a. in a bus stop,
b. under a streetlight,
c. across the road from a friend's house.
Very clever, all counts.

6. His plan includes running 500m each way, even though he knows he, a 140kg man with bad feet, can't run.

7. He knows that to escape from his own property, he can only either go out the front or the back. The sides are not an option, with high fences.

8. He parks his car nearest the front, but escapes out the back.

9. He has planned to commit the murders at 7pm, even though he knows, for sure, that his wife and daughter will be awake.

10. He breaks into his own house in a way which would require him to walk through his kitchen, dining room and lounge (where his wife and daughter would surely be).

11. He walks through these areas to his office, where he sits down with his back to the door and manipulates the computer. Did he excuse himself to his wife and daughter on the way?

12. He gets up, and murders them both.

13. He is covered in blood (there was a blood shadow on the wall).

14. He must wash up, very thoroughly. The police found no trace whatsoever in any washing area in the Lundy house, nor in Lundy's Petone motel.

15. He runs back to his car. A "psychic" sees a fat man dressed as a woman jogging. This person is not carrying anything. Where are the blood-soaked clothes?

16. He gets in his car which, again, tested completely clean of any trace of blood.

17. He drives, this time at an average speed of nearly 150km/hr, back to Petone.

NOT ONE person sees him.

This is the "meticulous" plan of Mark Lundy. Throw in a few other curly ones such as the continued mystery of the missing clothes, the unknown wash-up place, and the fact that his petrol usage did not allow the trip, and I think I can be excused for thinking that Mark Lundy is innocent.

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