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Lundy Truth
Published by FACTUAL in The Facts · 11 August 2017
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We would like to clarify the following :-
  • Mark Lundy has always maintained his innocence.
  • Letters from Mark are attached here for more detail but a few things you should be aware of that are not always made evident in the media and are covered in “Smoke Screens”.
  • The alleged 3 hour fast drive – did not happen – this has been retracted.
  • The alleged excessive fuel consumption has been shown to be unreliable - this has been retracted
  • The alleged time of death of 7pm (+/- 15) mins has been shown to be unreliable.  Pathologists who claimed a “Eureka” either completely modified their estimated Time of Death or were withdrawn from giving evidence.
  • The alleged computer manipulation to provide an alibi has been proven to be unreliable - this has been retracted
  • The alleged personal financial strife and subsequent insurance applications have been shown to be mis-leading and are in fact entirely normal.  Police are no longer asserting that finance is a possible motive.
  • The alleged eye witness has been shown to be unreliable and dependent on physic powers – this has been retracted.
  • Cell Phone location data has been shown to be mis-leading - this has been retracted
  • The stain on the shirt has been shown to be tested under sub-optimal conditions and mis-leading.  At best it can be describe it as Central Nervous System (CNS) tissue.  It is too degraded to identify what it actually is.  It cannot even be claimed to be human.  It may be just a meat stain, which is what Mark had for dinner.
  • The allegation that it is Christine’s DNA cannot be confirmed as the sample was taken generically from washing the shirt and not the nucleus of the stain itself.  It is entirely normal to have a spouses DNA on your clothing.
  • Animal DNA was found on the shirt.
  • In fact – every allegation the police have made has been systemically reviewed and shown to be unfounded or flawed.
  • Yet the unidentified DNA found at the scene and on the bodies has never been re-tested and remains un-accounted for.  
  • Similarly the threats on Mark’s Business consultant, made the same days as the murders, has never been properly investigated.  These events and the financial circumstances remain suspicious.  
  • Mark’s next appeal begins 18 October but again is looking to be clouded in Smoke Screens and what one expert describes as ‘Voodoo Science!’
  • Keep it simple - Look at the facts - or lack of them!  Look for the Truth!

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