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Phone Call 6:56

Lundy Truth
Published by On the Fence in Visitor Comment · 23 July 2013
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I wasn't really aware of the case until watching the 'what's your verdict' show last night on TV. Therefore I have missed most of the media attention, but one thing that was stated and not elaborated on in the tv program was this

Christine received a phone call from an "acquaintance" at 6.56pm that night, then (as implied by the program) she put her daughter to bed uncharacteristically early and jumped into bed naked, not startling when someone she knew came into the room.

I would have thought that this made a rather obvious and I'm sure wrong and inappropriate implication, especially if Mark Lundy was using prostitutes himself...

I just thought maybe you would like to clear this up as there may be more people out there who don't know much about the case and just saw the program like me. We just wanted to know who rang.


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2017-08-23 15:40:27
Response from the FACTUAL Team,

Thank you for your interest.

We have copies of all the relevant telephone call records, and can confirm that the call at 6:56pm on the night of the murders was from a friend, Julie Burnett, in Palmerston North.

The caller was organising one of the regular wine club evenings for the following night and asked Christine to confirm if Mark was coming, as he usually helped with the catering on the evenings. The call was only 17 seconds in length.

Christine and Mark had both been involved in the wine club for some time.

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