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The bracelet

Lundy Truth
Published by J.M. in Visitor Comment · 23 June 2004
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Hi there.

I have visited your website and from being a firm believer in Mark Lundy's guilt I am not so sure now.

One thing I seem to remember is a bracelet from the missing jewel box being found in Marks car, is this correct?

After reading the 'eyewitness' statement I wonder how she could identify the jogger as a man by the body shape, yet was unable to identify the Maori persons' gender.

Cheers J.M.

Comment from the FACTUAL committee

Hi J.M.,

Thanks for the comment,

Re the Fig 8 shaped bracelet found in Mark's car.

What is unusual about a piece of wife's jewellery being found in a husbands car?
If it was third party jewellery then it could be sinister!

There is no evidence that it was in the jewellery box - just a police theory. Christine liked jewellery, most was family heirlooms. Shortly before the murders Mark and Christine attended a conference (Rotorua I think) and Christine was in the habit of taking a handful of jewellery, tossing it in her purse as she walked out the door. She was not always selective! Mark suggests that perhaps it fell out then. Why then did he not discover it earlier? Simply because his car was cluttered, as any sales reps car is, with brochures, samples, brief cases, travel clothes, meal wrappers etc.

Re the psychics statements. Some she claimed were real as she said "she suppressed her psychic powers" others she states she had a 'musing'. Her original sketches were added to after 'musings'.

These sketches contain additions of - leather shoes, dark hands, business shirt and tie, yet the stained shirt in question was a polo shirt. The photographs in the paper prior to her sketches show Mark in a shirt and tie!

Her statements say the hands were empty, so where were the weapon, jewellery box, overalls etc? She also had a 'musing' that Mark dumped the items in a skip bin in Tawa on the return trip. Factor that route into the drive time and it becomes very sad indeed. Much of this the jury did NOT hear. So it bothers us when we read that the jury heard all the evidence.

Hope this helps address your questions.
We welcome more questions as it helps us understand the community's unanswered questions.

Regards the FACTUAL Team

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