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The FACTUAL team release the following regarding the High Court Verdict

Lundy Truth
Published by FACTUAL in Press Release · 10 April 2015
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We are all intensely disappointed at the jury's verdict.
In our opinion if the facts alone, as presented at trial, were considered then it is impossible to reach a verdict of guilt beyond reasonable doubt. There are doubts all over the evidence presented.
We need to discuss this wrongful result with Mark Lundy and must go through a process of having people and phone numbers approved by Corrections before we can phone or visit.
Until we have had the chance for a full and frank review of the evidence, such as it was, and the verdict we are unable to determine a future course of action and thus cannot make any further comment.
We urge all those interested to read the May 2015 edition (out now) of North & South magazine and you will find it explained very well what was and is wrong with the case, and our exasperation at this verdict.

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