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To all our followers, friends, supporters, and even sceptics

Lundy Truth
Published by FACTUAL in Statement · 15 October 2013
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To all our followers, friends, supporters, and even sceptics. We are being inundated with web traffic and are very thankful for the overwhelming responses and interest. Naturally we are ecstatic that the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) has given such an emphatic endorsement of our efforts. The five Law Lords reaching a unanimous decision was very pleasing. Regrettably beyond this FACTUAL is prohibited from commenting further.  Justice Young was very clear in his instructions at the bail hearing. No one, family, friends, supporters, police, or Crown Law are to say or do anything that could influence a retrial. There is much we would like to say but for now we must be silent. We are very grateful to you all and particularly to those who have been sceptical and are coming to this site for more information. We truly wish we could accommodate your thirst for the facts but must let it play out in the courts.

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