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Lundy Truth
Published by Hope Taylor in Visitor Comment · 24 January 2013
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Like many of the murders that have occurred in New Zealand, I have had concerns about the eagerness of the New Zealand police to convict without a preponderance of evidence (Arthur Allan Thomas - a significant case in point) However, there are many questions that concern me about Lundy's guilt or innocence. The one question that continually bothers me is this: If Mark Lundy did not murder his wife and young daughter, then who else could have metered out such hate filled violence that forensic scientists refer to overkill.

To every human action there is a reaction. We are capable of lying, but our body-language is not (unless we are trained and know how to manipulate the signs). The fact is, whoever killed Mark Lundy's wife and daughter did so using this manner of violence; did so with such emotion and hatred that the murderer used overkill. The murderer had an emotional attachment to the victims.

A burglar, might have killed, but not with such rage & force. A burglar would have used enough force to enable escape. This murder was not a mafia style execution, a traditional hit, but a prolonged and violent attack that had emotional attachment to it.

If Mark Lundy is innocent, then the grass isn't really green, the moon is made of cheese, and you really can fall off the edge of the world.

Comment by FACTUAL Team

This logic was also brought out in the TV documentary about the jury system in which the jury deliberations were simulated.
It does appear that some people may need an alternative in order to pass a not guilty verdict.

The fact is that the jury in the original trial asked for the list of suspects that were not eliminated, and the court denied this. That list of suspects not eliminated actually included some serious violent offenders. There were people that held a grudge against the Lundys and Christine had even received a death threat in the past. There were also suspects that were "P" addicts.

We also look at the violent home invasion murders in Marton and Feilding, and wonder about the similarities, as does one of our guestbook visitors.

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